Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Free Trial Period
You do not have to enter your credit card information during this period. However, upon reaching above the $15,000 of PAID claims, our system will automatically send you reminder emails to enter a valid credit card.

Note: the free trial of $15,000 is only available for Physicians under the Self Service plan. Optometrists and Billing Agents/ Administrators are not eligible for the free trial.


When will my credit / debit card be charged?
Your credit card will be charged on the 21st of the month.



How is the cap of $600 calculated for the Self Service plan?
The maximum is calculated per calendar year (January to December inclusive). The $600 cap does not include 13% HST tax.

If I'm on Auto Pay why do I continue receiving a bill?
You will continue to receive a billing statement within days after your credit card is charged (on the 21st of the month). This is for your records, so that you know how much your credit it card has been charged and for tax purposes.

If I want to change my credit card information, may I just call and give you my new information?
For your protection we must have all changes in writing. If you want to change to a new card number, you must send us a signed letter stating that you want to change your auto pay credit card information or fill out the form online.

Accounting Transactions
FULL-SERVICE: We include accounting transactions in the calculation of our charges (%rate x Grand Total amount).

SELF-SERVICE: Our rate of 0.25% was designed to exclude accounting transactions knowing there could be some deductions for a particular month (%rate x Total Paid amount).

Note: the calculation of our Self-Service fees excludes accounting transactions, as some physicians may receive special funding or deductions from the Ministry of Health (ex/ Northern Ontario subsidies; Group APP deductions; Roster premiums, etc..) which are not attributed to claim submissions through As such, there is no way for us to know for a particular month if and when a physician may receive a positive or negative accounting transaction.

We could have chosen a rate of 0.3% and include all deductions. Instead, we decided on a slightly lower rate (0.25%) and exclude all accounting transactions. Overall, customers love our pricing plan as it is aligned with their revenue. Although our calculation is not based exactly on the deposit amount, however, it is very close.

Billing charges questions or disputes
You can always contact us for any disputes.  If it is our error, we will definitely credit your account accordingly.

Do you accept American Express?
Unfortunately, we do not accept AMEX at this time.  Very few Canadian “online” merchant accounts offer American Express.

After opening the URL link, your names does not show in the form
The URL link is unique to your account. You will notice “unique” characters in the URL address; these identify your account within our invoicing application.

We do not store any credit card information in our servers. We use Beanstream as a payment gateway - who has attained Level 1 PCI compliance, the highest level of compliance with the payment card industry’s security standards for credit card data. PCI Level 1 means that Beanstream have been audited by an outside firm and found to meet or exceed their standards for data storage, employee background checks, processes for updating programs, etc.

For more information, please contact: or (647)933-8181