Find out why hospitals and physicians from all disciplines use for OHIP Billing

“It is very convenient to use my Apple MAC after the OR to finish my billings. All the referring physician information is at my fingertips, saving me time from looking it up in the Hospital’s system.”

—Dr. M. Kapala, Anesthetist, Trillium Health Partners

Features recommended by Dr. M. Kapala:

  • Referring physician lookup.
  • Auto populate last referring physician used.
  • Works on Apple MAC.

“I love the FAVOURITES feature that allows me to personalize my commonly billed service codes. It only takes two clicks to bill a service code. The TIME UNIT CALCULATOR saves me time and helps me reduce mistakes. I already have the start & end time, so I only need to enter that information. The software calculates the time plus basic units for me… a huge time saver!”

—Dr. C. Goure, Anesthetist, Hospital Montfort

Features recommended by Dr. C. Goure:

  • “Favourites” for commonly used Service Codes.
  • Time + Basic unit calculator.
  • Auto populate last date used for service date.

St Josephs

“I love how easy it is to attach a premium code to one or multiple parent service codes using your interface. It is also easy to input diagnostic codes by just typing in the diagnoses and the system offers relevant diagnostic codes”

—Dr. Y. Kirkham, Obstetrics & Gynaecology, St. Joseph’s Health Centre.

Features recommended by Dr. Y. Kirkham:

  • Email notification when claim rejections arrive.
  • Referring physician lookup.

Scarborough Hospital

“Since hiring for our Hospitalist program Billing Agent services, we have seen a significant increase in our department’s OHIP revenue. Their automated process, and detailed analytics allow us to understand where we can improve our billing practices, allowing for the department to maximize revenue for the services we provide our patients. Their staff have been very responsive in preparing relevant program reports which have been instrumental in providing clarity and transparency for the hospitalist program billings.Their services pays off every month”

—Dr. A. Lukowski, Hospitalist, The Scarborough Hospital.

Features recommended by Dr. A. Lukowski:

  • Automated data entry process for accuracy.
  • Detailed monthly analytics to understand revenue source.
  • Customized alarm system if Key Performance Indicators (KPI) are not met.